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Wayang Kulit \ Ringgit Purwa

Wayang Kulit \ Ringgit Purwa

Wayang kulit or often called the Ringgit Purwa is one of exquisite art in the State of Indonesia, particularly in Java. Not only the scope of national and even Wayang Kulit also already global (universal). Because shadow puppet is a complex art. why say so, because in the leather puppet shows, not only the objects (puppet) beautiful but also movement (dance) puppet, puppet Accompaniment (using gamelan music), as well as puppet story that worked nicely and neatly arranged.

Dalang very important role in the Wayang kulit. Here, in addition to being a director in the all-night show was also the mastermind - the puppet characters. Which meant the cast is to be able to move the puppet puppeteer, puppet voice, and animating characters - the puppet characters. The puppeteer must master everything. Including control of the piece - the piece, memorized sulukan, and memorized the most important plays. Amongst the mastermind was sometimes vary in carrying out stories or commonly known as Sanggit. So much so that the mastermind could not diurungi create a version according to the character of the puppeteer. Or in Javanese society often unspoken '' seje Silit seje Sanggit ''. Each puppeteer in running a different story, but the story remains mulih (finished).

Love the community of Java to the puppet can not be denied anymore. Shadow puppets besides a spectacle also serve as a guide. Message - the message as well as advice or in the Java language '' Words "in perrtunjukan puppet is very good. And the audience did not just watch, mastermind also hope the audience can take, bring wisdom \ message - the message of the show, for sangu (provision) in live a daily life - today. So as to create harmony in the community. it was the shadow play. the most powerful weapon in a country is nothing but the culture of the country itself. We as people of Indonesia should be proud to have the art of wayang kulit. that is not only an entertainment but also give benefit to society at large.

THe Puppet ( Wayang Kulit ) As A Symbol Of Human Life

The Puppet As A Symbol Of Human Life

Wayang as pralambang in human life in the world.So also with the messages and values contained in the show were a puppet is Universal. The nature, character and the puppet stories in the world of puppetry is indeed clear and simply become an overview for all human beings. The story of the Mahabharataand Ramayana puppet is quite popular in the country. Mahabharata with the heroic story of the Pandavas who eradicate crime his brother namely Kurawa,the Ramayana with a tale of love and sacrifice of Rama and Shinta, namely against the King of Ngalengka Prabu Dasamuka. Many lessons can be drawn from the story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Figures of the Pandavas had an amazing philosophy and karater.
The famous Puntadewa figures with patience, sobriety and honesty, allegedly because of the magnitude of the sincerity and patience of yudhisthira, he willingly sacrificed himself to sentient who needs although life though, even when someone asks his wife,Puntadewa will give it. the philosophy is "Mustaka"(head/brain). An excellent leader Puntadewa heart, just and wise. In the pedalangn world famous King Yudhisthira who bleeds white and holding a powerfultalisman that is Jamus Kalimasada or Kalimah Sahadat, Yudhisthira figure excludes religious character and resigned.

BIMA or Werkudara is the younger brother of Yudhistirakarater is rigid, firm, optimisticand idealistic. The philosophy of Werkudara is Paningal/Netra (both eyes) very kindly Werkudara and kept his promise. BIMA full firmness and precautionary-hatian. In the world of puppet and puppet figures are very famous humble and not conceited, even though those around him were many intelligent and smart but in fact he is more silence Bima genius. When there is a difficult problem to overcome Bima was the one who could see a way out and finish it. Arjuna puppet or Janaka in the philosophy of Java is the HeartDo something with conscienceand always closer to the creator. No wonder this famous figure with karater love and asceticism, but also lihay in war. Arjuna often got grace because sheoften helped and helping each other.

Nakula and Sahadeva twin figures figure intelligent and agile. The second philosophy is Asta (second hand). Everywhere they go they never split up, always do good to others, able to distinguish between good and bad. Nakula and Sahadeva also loyal to his older brothers. No wonder they always lose and protected by a brother-brother of the Pandavas, especially Werkudara.

Pandava is at once a very fitting symbol for emulated. In the puppet performances are also values that are valuable to the community, for this life. Messages and the content that is contained in a story puppet and puppet performance in the play is almost the same with seminars that are often implemented with expensive cost, but unlike the puppet performances, enough with the sangu (capital) fried beans, coffee and a suit gloves you will get a lot of useful and contains the Da'wah.

Culture Ruwatan Of Javanese People

Cultural Ruwatan of Javanese People

For artists and the artist certainly words and texts are not foreign anymore. The artist in the city and artists who live in the area all surely know will this sacred eventIn rural and urban communities still believe and believe the event textsThis event is usually performed before or after theperformance of leather puppet in the show clean village or in the event of marriage. It is said that by holding the event texts, will eliminate the "sukerta" or in the language of Indonesia to get rid of the ugly ugly or keep us from misfortune and protect us from the Ethereal.

Still many people who believe and trust this ceremony. But all returned to their respective personal, because belief in a country Indonesia is complex. In the event the texts usually do is a puppeteer whoindeed was a descendant of the mastermind. Starting from the father, the grandfather, the father of his grandfather and his great-grandfather was an anesthesiologist who became the mastermindThis often made the event very sacred texts, not just the ceremonies even pengruwat and mastermindof the descendants of the deceased will inherit thekidungan texts which are often recited when the event texts.

The story in the texts is when Was the Bethara Kala accidentally ate the tree but without realising it's that there are human beings who come into his foodKalawas ever felt tremendous pleasure because it ate human flesh and finally she climbs over the interfaceand ask for a change of food in the form of humans who still animateHeard of this deity namely was Bethara Guru does not allow however was still obstinately Epoch will desires. Because it feels cornered finally Was allowed Bethara Guru Was doing her wishes Epoch, but on the condition that he can eat that dirty, nasty man, and many sins, he must submit the two fangs to be used as powerful weapons of the gods. Kala was almost unwilling, he thought if the fangs was given to the God then how he will eat humans, with the sword Waseventually exchanged for Kala answer fangs and goes to Earth to search for prey.

Kala Was previously booked by Teachers Was that only a true mastermind Was able to defeat the Kala and thwart his desire.When it gets the prey Was Kala failed because he got the prey is the reincarnation of Bayu was decided. Until he finally met with the true Mastermind he lost because the storyteller can read out the kidungan Texts. The storyteller is an incarnation of Vishnu who Was instructed by the teacher Was to banish the wishes Epoch was decided.

Some people believe that if we dirty or suker then it would be the food from Was Kala, so from that which can be freed from the bad luck is simply the truemasterminds recited the Song Texts.The conclusions will be ceremonial activities and Texts of Javanese culture is hereditary. Can sort this activity is a suggestion will trust in the human heart, but should indeed be aware that all are subject to the Act and especially THe permission from God. Javanese culture is indeed complex and have the wisdom and meaning that we can take a lot of things,positive or negative. But be careful, when you will not be entered in error.


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