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Wayang Kulit \ Ringgit Purwa

Wayang Kulit \ Ringgit Purwa

Wayang kulit or often called the Ringgit Purwa is one of exquisite art in the State of Indonesia, particularly in Java. Not only the scope of national and even Wayang Kulit also already global (universal). Because shadow puppet is a complex art. why say so, because in the leather puppet shows, not only the objects (puppet) beautiful but also movement (dance) puppet, puppet Accompaniment (using gamelan music), as well as puppet story that worked nicely and neatly arranged.

Dalang very important role in the Wayang kulit. Here, in addition to being a director in the all-night show was also the mastermind - the puppet characters. Which meant the cast is to be able to move the puppet puppeteer, puppet voice, and animating characters - the puppet characters. The puppeteer must master everything. Including control of the piece - the piece, memorized sulukan, and memorized the most important plays. Amongst the mastermind was sometimes vary in carrying out stories…

THe Puppet ( Wayang Kulit ) As A Symbol Of Human Life

The Puppet As A Symbol Of Human Life
Wayangaspralambangin human lifein the world.So also with themessages andvaluescontainedin the showwere apuppetis Universal. The nature, character and the puppet stories in the world of puppetry is indeed clear and simply become an overview for all human beings. The story of the Mahabharataand Ramayanapuppetis quite popularin the country.Mahabharatawiththe heroicstory ofthe Pandavaswhoeradicatecrimehis brothernamelyKurawa,theRamayanawith atale of loveandsacrifice ofRama andShinta, namelyagainst theKing of Ngalengka Prabu Dasamuka. Manylessonscan bedrawn fromthe story of the Mahabharataand Ramayana.

Culture Ruwatan Of Javanese People

Cultural Ruwatan of Javanese People
For artists and theartistcertainlywordsandtextsare notforeignanymore. The artistinthe city andartists wholive inthe areaallsurely knowwillthissacredevent. Inrural and urbancommunitiesstillbelieveandbelievethe eventtexts. This eventis usually performedbefore or after theperformance of leather puppetin the showcleanvillageorin the eventof marriage.It is said thatby holdingthe event