Story Of Sesaji Rajasuya

Story Of Sesaji Rajasuya

In the country of Dwarawati, Krishna Lord acceptance of his elder brother Lord Balarama. The arrival of Lord Balarama as it gets invitation from Krishna himself, because the Pandavas will hold the event i.e. Offerings Rajasuya, who invited 100 King of Pandava relative countries.

But when will depart to Amarta, Krishna got the guests that is Dimboko, the Messenger of the King of the country of Giribraja sent by Jarasandha. Dimboko purposes that is carrying a letter from Jarasandha. The content of the letter is asking that State Dwarawati Jarasandha, Mandira and Amarta surrender and bending the knee against Jarasandha. Knowingthe contents of the letter, Krishna surprised, Lord Balarama was not staying silent and immediately challenged the Dimboko and kick him out.

There was a great war between the Dimboko and his brother Hamso against Lord Balarama, but ill-fated, Hamso can be killed and die by Lord Balarama. Krishna and balarama soon toward Amarta.

And Krishna and balarama, Krishna Amarta in the country tells the Pandavas, before holding an offering to Krishna, would like to invite to the country of Werkudara and Janaka Giribraja in order to quell Jarasandha. Jarasandha had imprisoned Queen amounted to 97, which will be sacrificed in the ceremony Offerings Lodra. Heard it and immediately undertakes Janaka Werkudara, and ultimately they departed into the country Giribraja.

Arriving at the State Giribrojo Krishna,Werkudara and Janaka stops. Wonder Werkudara and Janaka, Krishna immediately explain the reason for this is that at the top of the mountain there is aTrommel which will read it myself, because the skin of skin Trommel father of Jarasandha, the name is Prabu Briadata, who killed and skinned by Jarasandha alone.On the orders of Krishna, Janaka immediately shotthe Trommel. With the destruction of the Trommel in conjunction with the free Spirits of Prabu Briadata.

Krishna, Werkudara and Janaka immediately went on a trip disguised as the founder. Although a famous Jarasandha cruel, but he is very respectful of A Pendita.

Easily Krishna, Werkudara and Janaka can enter the Kingdom without being suspected. See the arrival of the aforementioned Pendita Jarasandha blame in. And it is very coincidental with the advent of the Pendita Jarasandha asked with his dream to the Pandita who've come to drop by. To be continue ....

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