Type Of Story Puppet ( Wayang Kulit )

Type Of Story Puppet

The source of the story  kind of Puppetry can be classified into two types:

  • Type of Story Writing
  • Type of oral Stories.

The sources of the story is written in the form of books or in Javanese language commonly known as "serat" or the book of the Mahabharata, the Ramayana: Serat, Pustakaraja, Panengen, Arjunasasrabahu, Pangiwa Lokapala, and so on.

The Serat are generally in the form of a descriptive and informative story yet is a form of Lakon.
In the Puppet resource story was processed into the form of a subject-a subject that is ready to be served.

This type of oral stories. 
That is the story that comes from the information society puppet or the mastermindearlier nor spoken hereditary. Information that story issustainable and thrive in society as a conventional andrecognized its existence in the community Puppetry incertain ethnic culture.

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