Herbal Medications For Rheumatic

Rheumatic is a disease that makes the restless and annoyed, what else is already far too late his treatment, the pain creep into the bone it will be difficult to treat this disease. 

One of the causes of this disease are showered with cold water at night, then I urge, what if you want to away from the disease, do not take a shower in the evening with cold water, should use warm water.

And if you already suffered from rheumatic diseases, here there is a traditional recipe that you can try, the chances of recovering are subject to our Lord simply try andpray. 

There is no harm in trying, because it's from natural ingredients. The ingredients of this recipe as follows

  • Gandapura 225 cc
  • 3 garlic granules
  • 3 grains of nutmeg
  • 10 pieces of clove
  • 15-20 grains of black pepper
  • Black cumin 1/2 teaspoon
  • 2 pieces ginger

The way of preparing the following:

It was all ingredients mashed on top to be smooth, except Gandapura please set aside first.

When you have mashed and really smooth, input all the results of collisionsinto Gandapura. Stir until completely mixed and blended. 

How to use: 

Brush and rub it on the whole body. What if Your rheumatic pain quite heavy, polishing and boreh in the daytime and evening don't forget to, and sufficient rest inside the House. 

Do regularly on an ongoing basis, using this recipe, and may gradually improve your circumstances. Hope this article is helpful and good luck.

Papaya Leaves Lowering Fever

Fevers could be cured through traditional treatment as follows, take papaya leaves approximately a handful, then it was mashed until smooth, wrap the result of papaya leaves are mashed to nature in a clean cloth, wring the cloth through the papaya leaves to take the water from the juice of papaya leaves. 

Drink a squeeze-ness of papaya leaves to sufferers of hay fever. What if in 12 hours has not yet healed, drunk again on sufferers of hay fever. 

For malaria sufferers, please drink for 5 day juicing-nessthat leaves. This is one of the benefits of papaya leaves, may be useful.

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