Overcome Hair Loss

Hair loss? Nurtured and tucked at the time of this?, combed often happen in everyone's life, but when this happen often, sometimes also makes uneasy and fear in case of baldness on the head. 

Most men regardless of this, when it was realized the hairof the head slowly becoming bald then became panic and fear. 

Not his thing with the women, womenfolk here more sensitive issues will be the Crown of the head, hownot, because hair is one of the terms of the beauty of the women. 
Going into the forest and deforested loss is a nightmare for the women.  

Don't panic, there is no recipe that traditional course to address the House of adam and Eve. This should be prepared:

  • Sesame oil ½ Cup
  • ½ Cup coconut oil
  • 3 leaves of hibiscus tiliaceus
  • 3 leaves people aring
  • Leaves mangkokan 3 pieces
  • Pandan leaves 1 sheet
  • 2 seed grains candlenut
  • 7 jasmine petals
  • 1 roses

Preparing the way

First boil 2 litres of water in the Pan, then mix in the coconut oil and sesame oil into one in one place (Bowl/pot), then enter the second mix the oil into the water that has been boiled. 

Cut/rajang foliage and flowers that had been prepared be small, after it crushed Pecans.
Then input the foliage and flowers along with pecans that are pounded into the boiling oil and let stand about 15 minutes.

After it was adopted and the strain it was. How to use, apply a liquid/cem-ceman you've made any before you sleep, until evenly in your scalp, especially in the loss and balding, while massages-massage for 10 minutes. 

Previous prepare SAP banana trees already in the dew right in the morning, and when you wake up in the morning dampen your head is with SAP/mucus banana trees that you have set up.

Region I described above is the herb treatment out naturally and not harmful, because Insyallah no side effects of this medicine.
May be useful and please try.

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