Overcome Performance Slow Android Smartphone

When the Smartphone is getting long used the declining performance of the Smartphone also. 

The magnitude of the RAM does not guarantee that the Android Smartphone will not experience problems.

Use of the Android Smartphone that is not careful can lead to Smartphones to be slow, for example: the use of excessive applications, the use of pirated apps, infected with a virus or others. 

This will cause loading quite a long time when you open an application or typing messages a trembling voice. 

This problem will simply annoy you, here we will describe the exact solution to accelerate the performance of Your Android Smartphone:

1. Try to remove applications that are not used

How to speed up the performance of the Android Smartphone is to remove applications that are rarely used or unused at all. 

Applications that are not too burdensomethus required the performance of Android Smartphones. 

Keep in mind, as powerful as any of the operating system, Android devices have limits the capacity of the memory. All applications installed will use a portion of the memory. 

If your device runs out of memory, then the application will be difficult to work and performance will decrease drastically. By removing applications not in use, it will help ease the workload of Android Smartphones.

2. Application and operating system Updates as necessary

Previous keep in mind that in general the OS and application the new version requires a larger storage capacity because it is accompanied by new features. 

This is surely aggravating Your smartphone's performance. But the OS and applications the old version You may contain bugs (programming errors) that make the OS or application overload performance smartphone in excess. 

You need to update the OS or applications when there are bug fixes intended to improve the performance of the smartphone. 

To update the operating system of the Mobile device you can go to settingsUpdate > > about your Software.

3. Clear the cache

With the large number of applications that are used will be adding cache which can slow down the performance of the Smartphone. To clear the cache, we can go into the settings Application > > Select applications and then clear cache.

But if you want to delete in its entirety, you can go into the settings Application Manager > > Datacache.

4. Move the internal memory

Internal memory capacity is full of great effect on the performance of the latest smartphones. 

To overcome this problem, you can move media (photo, video, music and so on) to the external memory. Internal memory space will allow the performance of the Android Smartphone is rising again.

5. Turn off live wallpaper

Using live wallpapers and widgets does look cool, but if too many processes that accumulates will slow down the process performance of your smartphone. 

Better to use a static wallpaper because it is lighter and does not use the RAM capacity is too large.

6. Install additional applications

To improve the performance of Android Smartphones, the need for a useful application to clean up garbage files. 

Additional applications that can be used to clean thejunk files and caches, such as the Clean Master, DU Speed Booster, Auto Task Killeror more.

The longer the smartphone used the decrease also the performance of the smartphone. For it is necessary the presence of the best care so that smartphones remain comfortable to use. 

Thus information on tips accelerating the performance of AndroidSmartphones, may be beneficial.

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