Seven Surefire Way Save Battery Life With Android

How to save battery life with android, it's no secret that famous android smartphone with the power of the battery is not lasting.

There are even a few android phones that has a standby time which is almost embarrassing. In just a few hours, the battery is exhausted and has to be in charge again.

Does this happen on android PAL?

Indeed saves battery life on android is not easy to do.

Even the best battery-saving applications cannot work maximum to save battery hp android mate.

Myriad factors that can drain the battery power of android.

Especially the default android screen Technology such as LCD and AMOLED is the biggest factor that deplete battery power in the android mate.

Well, now I will give you tips on how to save battery life with android is right and can directly try android mate.

Continue reading this article to get the maximum results and make android's battery mate can last longer.

How to save battery life with android

Indeed how to save battery life with android has always been contentious. Many people who accept and also not a few people who say it makes no difference.

So buddy could select its own way which one really works to save battery life with android mate.

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1. Wear a black Wallpaper

If android PAL has a AMOLED screen (like most Samsung device), use dark colored wallpaper.

How to save battery life with android wallpaper black impact would be very good if in use by android which has a AMOLED screen technology.

Because AMOLED display only illuminates the screen part only.

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) as the name implies, the amoled display consists of an organic material will produce light when there is a flow of electric current.

Well if wearing a black wallpaper, then it will look dark screen so that the battery will be used less for illuminating a dark screen.

Our friends at the Forum XDA Developers have been doing a little experiment and the result is we can save about 6% battery power/h at 20% brightness by using the black wallpaper in AMOLED screen.

2. set the level of brightness of the screen

The level of brightness of the screen

How to save battery life with android set screen brightness levels as low as possible is very efekif to reduce battery power is used to illuminate the screen.

Buddy certainly knows right, to turn on the bright light on the need a high battery power.

It does no harm to set screen brightness to the lowest level, but my friend still feel comfortable at the sight of the android screen PAL.

Do not use the auto feature brigtness automatically adjust the brightness of the screen based on the ambient light.

Because the auto brightness feature will give you the level of brightness of the screen more than a PAL need.

How to save battery life with android is much better done manually to be able to produce a super low brightness level and still comfortable for viewing.

This is one of the main ways to increase battery life pal. Because the screen is one of the largest battery sucker android mate.

3. set the sleep time Android

Set sleep time

How to save battery life with android the third is to set the sleep time. Bed time I mean the time when the screen die automatically when the android is not used.

Ideally if the screen lights up, the longer the more also battery life is drained.

This is already explained in the how to save battery life with android No. 2 above.

The screen is one of the largest in the android resource exploiters. That's why better set sleep time android as brief as possible to reduce the consumption of battery power.

Try PAL imagine, if the sleep time screen android is set to sleep in a matter of minutes the battery consumption in generate four times more if compared with arranging them in just 15 seconds.

4. turn off the Smart features of Android

How to save battery life with android the fourth one might be a bit hard to do, because we have to turn off the smart features on android.

Smart features such as auto rotation (automatic rotation) requires no battery life a little bit.

So did the gesture mostly water owned by samsung high end devices.

Indeed the clever features comfortable once in use. But don't be surprised if the battery is in use will be drained more.

So if those features are not often used, better off alone. Because even if not visible, they are also a lot of smart features drain battery power.

5. turn off the vibration and feedback

One reason other battery is pe system vibrations on the android.

Because the electric motor is used to drive the vibrational energy will drain the battery on android.

The more often used the more energy is wasted.

For it if you want to conserve battery life, turn off the system android just shakes in android. Well when there is a incoming phone call, SMS, or vibration feedback (haptic feedback).

6. use the lock screen notifications

Notice the screen lock

One of how to save battery life with android the best is to use the notification screen is key, especially if android PAL has a AMOLED screen.

This is because my friend can see a notice at a glance without having to open the entire screen android mate.

This PAL, if there is a notice that is not important walked into our android, whether PAL will waste power baterei just to see these notices?

Certainly not right?

It's very important to save battery life with android how to use lock screen notifications.

Standard lock screen notifications exist on Android Lollipop.

If a buddy is using Android KitKat or older oprasi system, try using the lock screen widget that is in the playstore.

PAL will be able to get all the notice without having to unlock android phone mate completely.

7. turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and Data

How to save battery life with android the next is by turning off the GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, and android Data when not in use.

Why do they have to be turned off?

Because if all light up then they will keep looking for the signal even though those features don't we disposable.

The search process this signal will drain battery power of android.

For it to turn on everything if PAL need only, so that the power consumption in use not too much.

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