The Ancient Book Of The Beginning Shape Of Tembang (Kakawin)

Kakawin Arjunawiwaha, (poetry), tells Arjuna's penance and then being asked by a deity in order to rival the enemies of the gods called Niwatakawaca. The gist of the story was a good fit with the content of the third Parva in Mahabharata, (Vanaparvan). The book is well known at the time of Aerlangga (1019-1042 M). The book is written by masters of Kanwa in 1850 and printed in Java by Friederich. Then in 1926, reprinted with the latin language Netherlands.

Kresnayana, song-shaped library. Kresnayana composed by Masters Triguna era Prabu Warsajaya in Kediri in 1104. It has been translated in the language of the Netherlands. The core of the Story in this song is the daughter of King Bhishmaka Rukmini in Kundina have been considered by Suniti King of Cedi, but Pretukirti Mother Goddess Rukminī want Krishna's son-in-law. In the event of the marriage of Krishna is coming at the invitation of Pretukriti and Krishna brought run Rukmini.It finally became the wife of Krishna with Rukmini.

Sumanasantaka, composed by masters of Manoguna at the time of King Warsajaya the year 1104 in Kediri. This story comes from the book of Sanskrit Hindu poet composed Raguwangwsa named Kalisada. Tell about such an avatar of Goddess Dewi Sri Widowati. She is pursued by Rahwana. Arriving at the Hermitage of Swaribranti met with Begawan Dasharatha. Goddess Kosalnya appealed to the virtuous, He changed the flower into a Kosalnya, and was performed by Rahwana.

Smaradahana, written by masters of Darmaja during King Kameswara (1115-1130), this poem tells the angry Shiva who was awakened while meditating by Kamajaya Kamajaya, so burned by Shiva, so did the wife God of Kamajaya namely Ruth. At that time the Goddess wife of Shiva, contain, as surprised to see elephants, Goddess finally gave birth to a son of the famous elephant-headed Ganesha's name.

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