Traditional Medicine Ulcer Disease

Traditional Medicine Ulcer Disease

The cause of heartburn is indeed diverse, such as lack of appetite, eat a little, to lateportion packed and ultimately arise is heartburn. 

When exposed to these issues will also be satiated stomach feels being wrapped around. 
I suggest if this happens do not eat such fruits jackfruit, food that derived from glutinous rice, avoid foods that contain acid, it will only make the more severe pain. 

Tradsional recipe to treat this disease, take the 10 bud swell cempaka putih, still buds/not yet in bloom. Boiled in water, one glass to boil. Then lift up and take it, let it stew for one night, to get exposed to the morning dew. When the early risers drinking the decoction of one. When Eve is doing the same thing. You regularly drink 1 month, will be felt the difference andbe pleased. Hopefully cured.

Disturbed stomach

Frequent bloating, bloating and vomiting – vomiting, healing traditional ways, take five strands of Pomegranate leaf, sliced into fine, then enter it into the Cup and seduh with hot water. 

Let stand for 5 minutes, when the warm water infusion for 5 days, pencernakan will be back to normal. Selma meminun this recipe do not drink coffee, because when it is mixed in the stomach will add to your stomach pain.

Traditional Recipes Add Appetite

To increase your appetite to provide cPanel and the inventiveness of a piece.Grate to smooth and wring the water. Drink this concoction 2 or 3 timesthen it will increase your appetite.

Treating Vomiting with Guava Leaf

You, or your children are experiencing vomiting/urinating this natural recipe,
Take the tip of the leaves of guava that still young. Wash to clean. 

To provide a bit of salt on a plate. How to make guava leaf, put the plate and sprinkle with the salt, then eat and chew until soft and thrash these dregs. 

For children, how to treat crushed guava leaves, a young, strain the water and grab the sprinkle of salt and mix well, then for the children who suffer from Vomiting. Hope this article is helpful, good luck.

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