Treat A Swollen Tonsils

Treat A Swollen Tonsils

Ear, nose and throat are an important part of the human body in everyday life-day. When one of these sick part certainly affects comfort in doing the activity. 

One of the diseases of the body part, i.e., the throat is sore tonsils. 
This disease makes our bodies limp and helpless. 

Attacking in the middle of the throat, let alone who already looks red and swollen her illness was overwhelming. 

The effects of the disease ni is the hot, fever accompanied by pain and difficulty swallowing.  

If there is a swelling of the neck hole and close the interfere with breathing, sufferers experience gets worse again unconscious bias that is death.   

I need to know if any body experienced theheat in is a characteristic feature of the tonsils to swell. 

But did you know just by the fruit around the tonsils bias we treated. This traditionalrecipe.
  • Provide two pieces of lemon
  • Provide a few whiting

Here's how make :

Take two pieces of lemon you've set, and then dividing each into 2 parts. Juicing all 4 pieces jerusk wedges, take the water. Then after that mix it with a little bit of whiting provided, stirring until evenly distributed and then drink. 

Do traditional medicine regularly for 3 days, the disease of tonsils will be cured.
Drink three times a day, morning, noon and night when it will be towards the bed.

The Sound Becomes A Melodious

singing is a hobby that requires a good sound more mellifluous. Here there are traditional recipes that will make your voice that I'm sorry, is said to be lacking melodious became nice and tasty.

It's easy, it's almost the same as treating sick tonsils. Provide:
  • Two lemons
  • Whiting
  • Honey
  • And salt

How to make a recipe:

Dividing into four parts lemon and take water, mix with whiting and stir until blended. After that input 1 teaspoon honey and sprinkle a bit of salt. Then stir in about 5 minutes, until mixed, then it's ready to drink. Drink this concoction once a week, you will feel a greater one month less change, the voice sounds beautiful and mellifluous when singing. This herb also prevents stone disease and disorders of the throat. Hope this article is useful.

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