Ducati Will Produce 50 Models In 2017-2020

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Who is not familiar with the Ducati?, the motoring maniac is certainly familiar with this iconic manufacturer. In the next year 2017, Ducati have planned their release and entry in the country of Indonesia. Dhani Yahya declares, Ducati has been launch at EICMA, the does their responsibilities-responsibilities melunjurkan seven products.

Managing Diretur Ducati Indonesia very optimistic, that new products will support and raise the number of sales of Ducati in Indonesia, because of the primacy of the offensive from the new stuff. The calculation of the increase in the number of consumers is increasing because of the data last year increased by 10%, and in 2017 was estimated there would be impossible to ride 10% again according to Dhani.

He has also been expressed, 2020 would be born again new variants amounted to fifty and all that was direncakana and was released in Europe by Ducati. The two are among the products Scrambel and monsters, these are just a few, according to Dhani Indonesia most appropriate and suitable to visit Scrambel and Sixty2. From the class of naked bike there is a Cafe Racer and Desert Sled.

He also expressed, that the naked bike that both will have the uniqueness of tersediri, with the hallmark of the legendary and without any brand that is mounted on the tank, the consumer will know that the Ducati Monster. The motorcycle has the largest sales in Indonesia, with having a speksifikasi Engine and 797 will be shown 3 color variations.

For Manic touring, calm the Ducati will also offer SuperSport classics and SuperSport S.

Product model of adventure will also present is the Multistrada. The good news, consumers who are interested in the model need not fear the question of tariff rates, because it is very affordable. He explained again, pending in the Ducati purchase product will not occur, plan next year, stock items will at once be carried and displayed.

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