Elephone S8 Will Release in 2017

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Elephone S8 will also carry a good specification. Processor X27 Helio became the hallmarks on the hardware. MediaTek is optimistic that this processor is still the best and is of high class.

Comparison of the ability and the strength of the X 25 remote, with Helio Helio X27 is evident from his reach 2.6 GHz and 875 MHz in graphics.

While the hardware specification, the processor will use a S8 Elephone Helio X27 who claimed to still be one of the best upper-class processor from MediaTek.

When compared with Helio X 25, this processor is superior because it is able to achieve speeds of up to 2.6 GHz graphics processor and has a speed of 875 MHz.

Have previously launched Elephone S7 S8 convinced much of it, however, features a camera and sensors for fingerprint according to of will have a great and innovative sophistication. 128 MB internal memory complement this new smartphone.

The competition between vendors has been open, the fight with models, features and specifications made us more observant and optimistic in choosing Hp smartphones. And whether the new product of it can be averted Elephone fascination of consumers against the presence of Xiaomi Mi MIX?.

Possible rate against both of them will also be influential with the wishes of the buyer.

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