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For lovers of smartphone, certainly know by vendor Samsung. These manufacturers can be said to be successful and success with its products.

Spesfikasi and features of samsung products can become the fascination of consumers all over the world. By 2016, Samsung successfully with Samsung Galaxy Samsung S7 and S6, because the consumer gives a pretty good response.

Samsung smartphone industry next year will launch its products again, of course with interesting features and speseifikasi.

According to the information Samsung handpone will issue incorporates the concept of phone and tablet. Once again the interesting innovations will be issued by the vendor through the technology of smartphones.

The name Smartlet will be the product name, and 2016 has already started to manufacture processed.

The year 2017 will be release smartphone unique history which can be skewed, according to techinsider sources in writing his article, Samsung became the first vendor that issued a commercial gadget that brings the ability can be skewed.

Such unique Smartlet what if skewed will have specifications of 5-inch screen, but when the open position size screen WAT can be 7 inches, persisi like a tablet.

In fact this concept ever carried by Asus Padfone (Samsung kompetitior), and arguably the first smartphone that combines the concept of tablets and phones, but this time no doubt Samsung will launch with features, specifications and functionality are second to none.

Seen from the design, functions like a Smartlet booklet when terutup, and when a user opens and then the switch is done automatically will change the width of the screen size of seven inches.

The big difference between the Padfone, the tablet will not function if not menyanding smartphone smartphone, because it also functions as a battery.

The OLED technology on the screen will be carried, this becomes the conclusion why on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 can touch the side of the side of the gadget.

Vendor Samsung optimistic that in 2017, this new product will hook many users. For Samsung fans just wait for the release of Gadgets at this year (2017).

Xiaomi in 2016 have large quantities pulled out of its products. Wide range of models was born by the vendor of this phenomenal. Many consumers in Indonesia who are interested and buying Xiaomi, and willing to reach into their pockets to have smartphone Xiaomi.

Recently, the producers also gave birth to a product with the name Xiaomi Mi MIX, though have been known to many people, models and specifications owned first launched by Sharp Aquos Crystal, but a great view remains the riveting consumer. High hardware also carried by Mi MIX.

Still in the sphere of technologies of Chinese State, it turns out that not only is the creator of Redmi 3 that gave birth to the new goods, the vendor Elephone has proven that the quality of their work in creating the Hp smartphone features without screen bezel, making their products look attractive and unique.

The name of their works is Elephone S8. The display features 3 curved shaped section, and will not be seen that it has a bezel.

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