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Recommendation five of the best external harddrive – currently an external hard drive is a requirement that must be owned by a man who struggled with the computer.
As many of us know, a great many of the benefits of an external hard drive, following some of the main points that we can take advantage of external hard drive this, such as:
For you who need Privacy, media ekternal hard drive is very important, because we can save all important files are indeed is personal. especially for those of you who work in Mobile. You can open the files of the tsb dikomputer anywhere when you do not bring a computer. In terms of practicality, has ekternal is very practical, because its small easy to carry where where. Ekternal harddsikcan be used for media storage as backup (backup) if file2 on your computer is corrupted, formatted or erased. Ekternal harddsik usage can also be used for large files (rarely in open and rarely used).By storing these files on the hard drive ekternal hard drive the computer will make you have more space, sehinggga computer tidfakburdened with the small hard drive capacity.
After judging from several types and models, our conclusion ekternal hard drive to external hard drive including 5 best is:

1. LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt (1 TB)
LaCie Rugged All-Terrain Thunderbolt is the best hard drive ekternal in terms of design and performance. This hard drive has two layers of casing which protects them from dust, water, and shocks. available ekternal the casing surrounding the connector cable, so you need not bother to carry its data cable.
This hard drive using solid stated (SSD) which proved to be the fastest portable drive on the market today.
dibandrol prices for hard drive this market is still about $300 (us $3.6 million @ 12,000) and $500 (USD 6jt @ 12000) to 250 GB and 500 GB, respectively, for version SSD. being a conventional hard drive in for a price of $220 (Rp. 2.64 jt @ 12000) and $300 (us $3.6 million @ 12,000) for 1 TB and 2 TB.
2. Elgato Thunderbolt Drive +
The Thunderbolt drive + is the second generation of the Thunderbolt from ELGATO. the connection is already using the USB 3.0
This hard disk dibandrol diharga the fair this time for $480 to 256 GB or $900 for GB (SSD)
3. The Thunderbolt drive +
Seagate Backup Plus Slim-based hard drive USB 3.0 is the largestcapacity for now. This hard drive is the newest member of Seagate's Backup.
The only drawback of this drive is the fact that RAID 0 generally have a higher risk of data loss. In addition, the device itself has dimensions that are thicker than others.
But as the drive was designed to host the backup copies of your data, Backup Plus Quickly makes an excellent choice for those who need a lot of storage space as well as the best performance anywhere. All things considered, with the current price of $270 for 4 TB.
4. The WD My Passport Ultra
WD My Passport hard drive Ultra this is the successor to its predecessor. at a glance nampaka WD My Passport with the same Edge. In our testing, this hard drive offers a much faster speed than its predecessor. Offering up to 2 TB of storage space Ultra, equipped with WD SmartWare backup software, and is available in four colors: titanium, red, black, and blue.
This harddisk dibandrol is priced at $100 to $130 for 500 GB or 1 TB (2 TB version of the price is not yet available), the My Passport Ultra seems to be a bit more expensive than its rivals.
5. The WD My Passport Slim
The My Passport Slim is the successor of the previous generation(My Passport Ultra) that comes out in March. The external storage device is a little thinner, and comes in a metal case.

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