Type of Guitar and Its Price

Type of guitar in this world is already very developed since its creation in the past. From the most classic to advanced there is also. All that of course can not be separated from the main function of the guitar that produces a tone of harmody and beautiful. From the model, the material of manufacture and also the character of his voice was also very varied. Therefore, choosing the type of guitar that matches the character of your music is very important so that you are more optimal in playing it. In the market, type of guitar type we can find easily. Even in Indonesia is also a lot of makers of various types of guitars are of a quality that certainly is not inferior to overseas production. For now I divide the type of guitar into 4 groups, namely acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric acoustic guitar, classical guitar.
Type of guitar type
Acoustic guitar
How to play the guitar We start from the guitar that is very much a fan of the acoustic guitar. This guitar is liked by many people because the price is very cheap and very expensive there is also so that from all circles can have this guitar. Made of plywood and wooden material then the shape that has a large tube so that without any loudspeaker guitar is able to issue a loud sound. This guitar is also very suitable for beginners and even advanced ones. By using an acoustic guitar can fill the spare time to ngejam with your friends. Especially if equipped with a set of other acoustic instruments, it would be very exciting. For the price of this guitar varies, from the low quality price below 500 thousand, while for the high quality you can get with the price of 1.5 million and above. More details I have discussed here Acoustic Guitar Price List For Beginner Level To Level Advanced.
Electric guitar
Learn guitar The next type of guitar is electric guitar. This guitar is made of solid wood material so it is quite heavy when compared to acoustic guitar. Inside the electric guitar there are various kinds of spare parts with certain functions. One of them is a pickup that serves to capture the sound of vibration from the strings. With an electric guitar then we can get various kinds of sounds using certain effects such as effects of distortion, overdrive, chorud and so forth. For this type of guitar is suitable for those who are adept at playing guitar. Lots of types of electric guitars on the market from various manufacturers such as Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Schecter, etc .. Price of electric guitar is also quite expensive considering the spare parts used are various kinds. For custom guitars or replicas are usually between 1-2 million, while for the original guitar ranges between 3-10 million.
Electric acoustic guitar.
Type of guitar type Well for this type of guitar is the development of acoustic guitar. This guitar is perfect for those of you who want to have an electric guitar but without losing the character of a typical acoustic guitar. We can connect this guitar with a loudspeaker so that it functions the same as an electric guitar, which distinguishes only the tools used to capture the sound. In this guitar used to capture sound is a piezo and then connected to the equalizer attached to the guitar body. But even if you do not use loudspeakers, this guitar can still be loud like an acoustic guitar in general, unlike an electric guitar that if no loud speaker can not sound loud. The price for this type of electric acoustic guitar is an average of over 1 million.
Classical guitar
Price of acoustic guitar The latter became one type of guitar that is still much in demand although this guitar includes a guitar that has been very old school. This classical guitar has exactly the same structure as the acoustic guitar, which distinguishes only on the strings used. For acoustic guitar strings used are strings of steel or stainless, while the classical guitar used is nylon strings. With the string it will produce a sound that is more warm and not too treble. Price of this type of guitar is quite affordable that is between 500 thousand to under 2 million rupiah. Do not forget to read the Basic Chord Guitar Learning Guitar Tricks. The four types of guitars have different sound character different so you can customize to your taste. Or you intend to collect everything ?. So the article that I write about the type of guitar hopefully add to your insight about the guitar.
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