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Goal Controversy The Best League Needs the Best Technology

Valencia - Barcelona player Sergio Busquets insists on the importance of using technology to help referees, linked to Lionel Messi's untested controversy.

Barca came home from his trip to the headquarters of Valencia on Monday (27/11/2017) early morning GMT, with a 1-1 draw. Tucked also controversy in the first round of the game.

It was a Messi shot shot that Neto tried to capture off and rolled into the goal. Neto then dispels the skin round and the referee judge no goals. Repeat shows the ball has actually passed the goal.

According to Busquets, such a thing would not have happened if only La Liga had used video technology to aid the referee (Video Assistant Referee / VAR). For information, the new La Liga will apply VAR in the 2018/2019 season.

"There will still be some things VAR can not do, but I hope it can help things like that happening today," Busquets said as quoted by Sport.

"It's an evolution we need, something we need, and not just for this goal, L…