Goal Controversy The Best League Needs the Best Technology

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Valencia - Barcelona player Sergio Busquets insists on the importance of using technology to help referees, linked to Lionel Messi's untested controversy.

Barca came home from his trip to the headquarters of Valencia on Monday (27/11/2017) early morning GMT, with a 1-1 draw. Tucked also controversy in the first round of the game.

It was a Messi shot shot that Neto tried to capture off and rolled into the goal. Neto then dispels the skin round and the referee judge no goals. Repeat shows the ball has actually passed the goal.

According to Busquets, such a thing would not have happened if only La Liga had used video technology to aid the referee (Video Assistant Referee / VAR). For information, the new La Liga will apply VAR in the 2018/2019 season.

"There will still be some things VAR can not do, but I hope it can help things like that happening today," Busquets said as quoted by Sport.

"It's an evolution we need, something we need, and not just for this goal, La Liga has the best players in the world, it's the best league in the world and deserves the best technology."

"The ball (Messi shot) has crossed the goal line but the linesman and the referee did not see it at all," he said.

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Jakarta, Barcelona - Barcelona players can breathe freely to avoid a defeat at home to Valencia at the Mestalla Stadium on Sunday (26/11). Both teams drew 1-1. However, the Blaugrana squad remained unsatisfied.

The reason, the decision of the referee Ignacio Iglesias called thwart Barca victory. Iglesias not validate Lionel Messi goal so busy discussed about Messi ghost goal is because the controversial decision of the referee.

Messi ghost goal would not have happened if La Liga Spain if only the highest caste competition in the country Matador already apply Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology.

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Unfortunately, the new VAR will be applied in La Liga Spain next season. Regret was also thrown the Blaugrana midfielder, Sergio Busquets.

Sergio Busquets deplored the referee's decision not to validate Lionel Messi's goal. Sergio Busquets deplores the referee's decision not to endorse Lionel Messi's goal.

"A lot of things that may not all be solved through VAR, but I hope that the application can be very helpful for controversy like this," said Busquets quoted by Reuters.

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"It was an evolution that we needed, something much needed and not just about this goal [Messi's ghost goal]."

VAR is a replay technology to help referees see crucial events in the field such as fouls, penalties, or goals. The referee can postpone the decision before seeing VAR.

Busquets assessed that quality competition like La Liga should have been implemented since the beginning of VAR. Thus, this kind of controversy can be overcome.

"La Liga [Spain] has the best players in the world.This is one of the best leagues in the world and it's right to enforce the best technology."

"The goal is obviously past the goal line, but none of the referees and the referee's assistants can be seen," Busquets said.

Lionel Messi insisted that his ball kick was past the Valencia goal line. (Lionel Messi insists that his kick ball has crossed the Valencia goal line.

Barcelona could actually be ahead first round. Valencia goalkeeper, Neto, made a mistake in the 30th minute when trying to hold the kick Lionel Messi.
The ball looks past the goal line before being dumped Neto, and Messi then do the celebration.

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Iglesias thinks the ball has not crossed the line yet and the game continues. Whereas in the replay of the incident clearly visible ball has passed the goal line. No doubt, Messi's goal is considered like a ghost goal.

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