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Let's explore the sophistication of Honor 9 Lite. As Good As Does This Smartphone?
Let's explore the sophistication of Honor 9 Lite. As Good As Does This Smartphone?. Honor 9 Lite was popular among smartphone users. However, as good as if the phone was real?. Fans of smartphones in Indonesia welcomes Honor 9 Lite with great enthusiasm. This phone any practice hard in Flash Sales for several Shopee last week.

Smartphone users love the design Honor 9 Lite without bezel and screen that is capable of delivering stunning visual experience. However, the appeal of this smartphone is indeed located in two lenses the camera resolution 2 MP MP + 13 which is located at the front and back of the phone, so there are a total of four lenses. 

The design of the back of the Honor 9 Lite.
Premium exterior design
Honor 9 Lite brings the classic design Honor, namely placing the sensor fingerprint on the rear of the casing. This fingerprint sensor is coated with a circle made of thin metal to add to the aesthetics of the camera makes it easy to operate while in dark conditions. On the back bottom of the casing is also the logo of the Honor.

In addition, they also have the screen smartphone without bezel which is quite wide. Screen sizes reach 5.65 inches. However, Honor 9 Lite stay comfortable gripped other cell phone sized 5.2 inch. The wide screen display or commonly called FullView Display also provides the experience of playing games and watching video that is more satisfying for users.

Do not stop there, the front and rear casing Honor 9 Lite coated with glass 2.5 dimensions. Exterior a sleek, coupled with unibodi light and the end of the round to make smartphones this elegant premium and impressed other expensive phones, though the price is very affordable.

Quad-lens camera is not thick like other camera phones. So, you ridak need to close a mobile phone with a case to make the camera look flat with the back of the casing.

The hole, measuring 3.5 mm headset is also available in Honor 9 Lite.

EMUI 8.0: faster and smarter
Honor 9 Lite comes equipped with an operating system upgrade for most, namely EMUI EMUI 8.0 through in-depth customization based on Android 8.0 and development extensively in terms of artificial intelligence. In addition, EMUI 8.0 also feature a more attractive, user-friendly UI, and functional ability is more powerful.

The development of maximum system allows a mobile phone to set and clear the system cache and fragment with a more efficient and effective. The activity of the Android phones that are often known to ' any ' will not be slow found in Honor 9 Lite.

Advanced hardware configuration
Honor 9 9 Lite comes with the octa-core Kirin 659 which uses 16-nanometer manufacturing process and equipped with hardware speeds reach 2.36 GHz. However, Honor 9 Lite still give priority to energy saving. 

In terms of memory, Honor 9 Lite is facilitated with 3 GB RAM and a 32 GB memory. In doing so, the Honor 9 Lite able to operate smoothly and quickly even though many applications running at one time or play games in a long time.

The use of quad-camera
In terms of cameras, Honor is one of the pioneers of dual-lens camera. Honor 6 Plus is the first phone that uses a dual-camera system. Since then, the algorithm of dual-lens camera Honor continues to grow.
Until finally the Honor 9 Lite brings the smartphone's camera to a higher level. This mobile phone introduces a dual-lens camera in the front and rear.

Fourth resolution the REC reaches 13 MP + 2 MP is also equipped with a multiple-frame imaging technology, Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), moving pictures, after capture or focus, the artificial intelligence that is able to identify objects easily, and fashion able to take photos of the food beautifully. Guaranteed, You'll have plenty of great stock photos that can be uploaded to Instagram.

In the event of snap photos, Honor 9 Lite comes equipped with various automatic modes are so superior. For example, monochrome, HDR, panorama, light-painting, time-lapse, wide aperture, and a super night. You can take pictures using the camera other professionals. On the back of the camera there is also the LED light that is able to provide additional light when taking photos.

It can be concluded, Honor 9 Lite is a major competitor in the smartphone world. Design beautiful views, State of the art operating system performance without a hitch, and quad-lens camera make this phone so recommended. What's more, you can get it at a price of Rp 2,299,000 in Shopee Flash Sale on May 17, 2018 starting at 12.00.

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