Xiaomi Mi Watch Officially Released, And Price

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Xiaomi finally introduced its first smartwatch called Xiaomi Mi Watch. This smart timepiece was announced in conjunction with the launch of Mi CC9 Pro smartphone. In terms of design, clearly inspired by Mi Watch Apple Watch, karrna both have a lot in common.

Reported The Verge, Apple Watch-like design that can be seen from a rectangular design with an obtuse angle at the four corners of the screen. Watch Mi screen size of 1.78 inches with AMOLED panel.

On the side of the frame there is also a circular modules that can be used to navigate the menu on the screen of the device.

However Mi Watch seemed to be an alternative choice when the price of Apple Watch is still expensive.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Officially Released, And Price

Price In China

In China, Mi Watch priced at 1,299 Yuan (IDR 2.6 million) and can be obtained starting November 11. While the price of Apple Watch when first rolled in 2015 and ranged between IDR 6 million to IDR 18 million.

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In terms of features, Mi Watch equipped with a number of detection feature sports activities, such as running up swimming, which includes footsteps, heart rate, and so on. Smart watches WearOS running operating system from Google and supported by a 570 mAh battery. Watch Mi claimed bia battery last up to 36 hours when 4G is enabled, a single charge.


Mi Watch comes with 4G 3100 Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory below. There are also features Bluetooth, NFC, and support ESIM to facilitate the users in terms of connectivity.

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