Challenge Spotify, YouTube Music Premium Present in Indonesia

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Streaming music industry homeland arrival of new players from the giant Google. Once there Joox and Spotify, YouTube Music is now officially arrived in Indonesia.


Applications at web player is said to have been redesigned specifically for listening to music, providing songs and official albums, thousands of playlists, and radio stations artist, combined with a row remix videos from YouTube like video performing live, cover songs, to music videos.

Although it can all be enjoyed for free via YouTube version of Music who supported the ads, Google also announced YouTube Music Premium, the subscription options paid to allow users to play songs and videos in the background, so that they can still listen to music while wearing another application, write chat messages / SMS, or even while exercising with the phone is locked.

Challenge Spotify, YouTube Music Premium Present in Indonesia

YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Music Premium also features an offline downloads and music listening experience without ads, which can be enjoyed from Rp49.000 per month.

For payment, this time Youtube Music Premium only accepted method of cutting pulses (all carriers) and credit cards.

At the launch event in Jakarta, via video conference, Ruuben Van Den Heuvel, Head of Music Content Partnerships (South East Asia, AU_NZ), YouTube and YouTube Go, say, the cultural wealth of music and musical talent in Indonesia now has a 'home' on YouTube and the company is very excited to be closer they are to the users with the launch of YouTube Music in Indonesia.

"YouTube Music we make to help more people discover the music they love, and offers a listening experience that is richer, smarter, and more immersive for music lovers in Indonesia and around the world. Starting from the recommendations music videos, live performances, cover songs, until a new video, it's all here, and only here, on YouTube Music, "he added.

Ruuben Van Den Heuvel said Youtube Music mainstay feature is a smart search. Even if you do not know the title, the platform will find the song you are looking for. For example: "The song with the lyrics 'allow me for the last time'? Leave it to us. You can also search for lyrics (though the lyrics you find any wrong), "

Although named "Music", but the platform is 'derived' from Youtube, which is the latest and most popular video repository. With YouTube music, you can know what are the latest and most popular videos. Everything is included in the column Hotlist.

In Indonesia, the Hotlist column displays "Pop Indonesia Hotlist", "Dance Music Indonesia Hotlist", "Heavy Rock Indonesia Hotlist", "Hotlist Rock Indonesia", "Indie Indonesia Hotlist" and "Hip Hop Indonesia Hotlist"

Provides a seamless experience, Youtube Music provides a mode switch audio / video in a flash, just with one button press. This unique feature allows customers YouTube YouTube Music Premium and Premium for moving to a song or music video, for listening and viewing experience smooth music.

Youtube Music app is already available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store today, Thursday, November 7, 2019.

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As an introduction, the company offers a special package of 3 months free for YouTube Music Premium (until 26 November 2019).

YouTube Premium Price

In addition, YouTube also bring YouTube Premium to Indonesia. YouTube Premium is available with a starting price of Rp59,000 per month, which includes YouTube Music Premium subscription, and offers ad-free experience with features background playback and offline downloads to millions of videos on YouTube.

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